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Der Jetstream steuert das Wetter, aber wer steuert den Jetstream?

Er brachte es vor langer Zeit auf den Punkt




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Ja genau! Danke fuer die links. Echt tragisch!

(To anyone interested,) I would like to highlight a few passages from the latter source. Thanks again for sharing.

"Why Would We Want to Mess with the Weather?"

The answer:

"Applying Weather-modification to Military Operations"

From this military document, written in 2019:

"On the other hand, the weather-modification applications proposed in this report range from technically proven to potentially feasible."

"[n] early all the weather-modification efforts over the last quarter century have been aimed

at producing changes on the cloud scale through exploitation of the saturated vapor

pressure difference between ice and water. This is not to be criticized but it is time we

also consider the feasibility of weather-modification on other time-space scales and with

other physical hypotheses."

Emphasizing the need to keep it concealed and invisible:

"If this UAV technology were combined with stealth and

carbon dust technologies, the result could be a UAV aircraft invisible to radar while en route to the targeted area, which could spontaneously create carbon dust in any location..."

Nobody would know:

"precipitation could be "forced" to fall before its arrival in the desired territory, thereby making the desired territory "dry.""

A substantial military operation: " the ability to modify battlespace weather through storm cell triggering or enhancement would allow us to exploit the technological "weather" advances of our 2025 aircraft;"

"Exploitation of "NearSpace" for Space Control"

"Opportunities Afforded by Space Weather-modification ...

Modification of the near-space environment is crucial to battlespace dominance"

"Weather affects everything we do, and weather-modification can enhance our ability to dominate the aerospace environment. It gives the commander tools to shape the battlespace. It gives the logistician tools to optimize the process. It gives the warriors in the cockpit an operating environment literally crafted to their needs."

V frustrating.

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I also found Table 1 very "informative" (or, rather, tragic):

Here as text:


Precipitation Enhancement

- Flood Lines of Communication

- Reduce PGM/Recce Effectiveness

- Decrease Comfort Level/Morale

Storm Enhancement

- Deny Operations

Precipitation Denial

- Deny Fresh Water

- Induce Drought

Space Weather

- Disrupt Communications/Radar

- Disable/Destroy Space Assets

Fog and Cloud Removal

- Deny Concealment

- Increase Vulnerability to PGM/Recce

Detect Hostile Weather Activities

Operational Capabilities Matrix


Precipitation Avoidance

- Maintain/Improve LOC

- Maintain Visibility

- Maintain Comfort Level/Morale

Storm Modification

- Choose Battlespace Environment

Space Weather

- Improve Communication Reliability

- Intercept Enemy Transmissions

- Revitalize Space Assets

Fog and Cloud Generation

- Increase Concealment

Fog and Cloud Removal

- Maintain Airfield Operations

- Enhance PGM Effectiveness

Defend against Enemy Capabilities

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Your experience in Austria reflects well what I've been experiencing here in the North of Italy. What I observed over the years is a sudden change in weather patterns around the years 2002/2003. IMHO speaking about weather modification is worth to mention historical events like "operation Popeye" and the subsequent ENMOD. Regarding companies using weather modification techniques is worth mentioning IDACORP that clearly states it's using could seeding for their business.


And if someone could argue it's only marketing, there is proof in documents that can't be fraudulent like SEC filings:


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Thank you for sharing this. This is horrific. I looked at the FAQ section of Idahopower. Feels like a nightmare to me!


This alone makes it crystal clear that weather manipulation programs are an existing and big business. They brag about how safe and effective it is, and how much they have achieved. One of their arguments is, "Silver iodide has been used as a seeding agent in numerous western states for decades without any known harmful effects."

Well, yeah, if nobody knows this could be a potential culprit for various developments, then every independent scientist will be unable to even consider it! My article was not meant as a complete analysis of the topic. But it seems to me there is so much going on that, had I known about this before, I would not even have wanted to write about it. Makes me wonder how many others know and are just intimidated, censored, or otherwise silenced.

The SEC filing is even more troubling. Here, they write they want to move away from cloud seeding (why, if it is so safe as they say - what do they know we do not?): "As part of the 2020 ESG Report, the Company also describes steps taken to achieve these targets and planned future actions, which include the Company's move away from coal power generation, cloud-seeding efforts, ..." Their new plans are described as "We talked about a wide range of issues on our call from cloud seeding to nuclear power..."

I find the arguments as to why their cloud seeding programs are purportedly safe extremely shocking: e.g. the SEC filing states, "it is unlikely that cloud seeding will cause a detectable increase in silver

concentrations in target area." The main target that seems to be studied is the silver concentrations. But how about other effects, involving OTHER parameters?! Are they really saying the ONLY effect is the silver concentrations? I cannot believe this. How about the change in snow levels, precipitation, or how it affects winds or other parameters - and all their consequences? Also, as I emphasized above, what do these interventions mean from a "feedback" perspective - involving factors and parameters other than the silver iodide? What is being effected, what triggered, what feedback mechanisms? And what about all the downstream consequences, and how it all feeds back? It is sheer impossible that you introduce a phenomenon in nature, and that the only effect involved with it should be limited to the silver concentrations alone.

Thanks again for the info. No idea where to go from here. I still hope I am dreaming, experiencing a horrible nightmare...

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Thanks for looking into it: I tried many times to get the attention from people on the sources I provided and you are the first one actually looking into it. Oh, and you reminds me another thing: I have a BSC in electronic engineering and I've been designing electronic devices for so many years... Basically most electronic circuits use feedback to get the desired performance/functionality and the result is usually very different from the open loop behavior of the component. I've always wondered why in many areas outside electronic feedback doesn't seem to be kept into account. Anyway, good job and keep going 🙂👍🏻

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Thank you again - and good luck to you. Please keep going, if you can.

"I've always wondered why in many areas outside electronic feedback doesn't seem to be kept into account." Years ago, I thought I had the greatest Aha moment ever. It was when I learned, from (some) published literature, that even in biology circuits can have memory. Here, with circuits I not merely mean the synthetic pathways in systems biology. I also mean repetitive mechanisms that happen in natural life... It looked like this could be behind much of what we call memory and learning. It also seemed extremely complex. Then Covid hit....

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I don't know anything about weather manipulation, but I absolutely agree with you about feedback mechanisms and homeostasis, and the fact that we really understand very little about how these systems work, especially when it comes to climate and weather. I feel certain the local affects the global. If you take the number of towns, cities, highways, all over the world, and see how they affect local overheating, and then contrast that with the cooler countryside, immediately you can see that there will be hot thermals rising, travelling and then cooker air dropping, setting up patterns of air circulation that would not have been there even a hundred years ago. These smaller scale air patterns must have an affect in the global whole. I think CO2 barely comes into it. It's massive deforestation, concreting the planet over and changing water systems and rivers that is causing climate change. It makes far more sense logically, and is easier to solve than trying to deal with something as intangible as CO2, or as vast as the sun!

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Yes indeed! Totally agree with you. The "local" and small and seemingly insignificant ARE critically important - at all levels. It is not the other way round. I believe this is an eternal (some may say, Scriptural) principle (see e.g. the parable of the one lost sheep in the New Testament). Seems that the CO2 argument is just a pretense for momentous and unjustified global measures.

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